KTC – Knowledge Technology & Craft

KTC has garment factories in China and Laos and is about making the best, better. For over 40 years KTC has invested deeply in exactly what the company’s initials stand for: Knowledge, Technology and Craft helping define the ‘Art of Performance Manufacture’.

By exploring the latest technologies, pioneering manufacturing methods, and forging solid partnerships with some of the world’s most inspirational brands, KTC has become a byword for the development and production of premium, world class, activity specific performance apparel.

To coincide with being one of the first garment factories to join Fair Wear Foundation -improving working conditions where your clothing is made- the book, magazine and website were all aligned to be the essential reference for anyone wanting an introduction to KTC, the people behind it and the factory's core beliefs. Not only did this help underpin the brand’s values but demonstrates authority in premium product manufacturing through its brand partners.

Redefine the Austrian–Chinese manufacturer ‘Kremmel Trading Company’.
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