Hello, I'm Thom_s.
As an established design leader, I specialise in creating and reinvigorating brands through a product design lens. I encourage delightful digital experiences with mindful yet accessible interfaces that strive beyond the vanilla.

Condé Nast

Condé Nast is a global media company producing the highest quality content with a footprint of more than 1 billion readers in 32 territories through printed magazines and digital destinations.

In April 2022 I revisited mobile web as the Product Design Lead for lifestyle brands; GQ, Condé Nast Traveler, and in the past year, a pinch of GLAMOUR,  Allure, Vogue, and Architectural Digest.

  • Content Discovery & Navigation
  • Global Visual Identity, 10 markets → one
  • Apple News
  • Men of the Year 2022/23
  • Commerce integration & Image guide
  • GQSports.com rollout
CN Traveler: Places to Stay
  • Commerce integration
    • Product Cards
    • PLP & PDP's
    • Map integration
  • Vision Concepts
Other projects
  • GLAMOUR & Allure Visual Identity
  • Multi-market Harmonisation 
  • Content Discovery & Navigation
Soho House

Soho House is a global lifestyle properties chain consisting of  38+ private members clubs (Houses), workspaces, interiors, restaurants, cinemas, beauty products, and spas (Cowshed).

Having joined the Product Design team (<10) in 2019 – to focus on the member's companion app – pre, during and post-pandemic saw a LOT of change to enhance the entire membership experience.

Members Super App
  • Night & Day Colour Themes 
  • House Feed & Navigation
  • Booking [with Daniele Schettino]
  • City Guides [with Carlota Iglesias]
  • Connect [with Thomas Whitehead]
  • House Pay [with  Jamin Galea]
Design System
  • Migration from Sketch to Figma
  • Foundation (design principles, spacing, colour, typography, house icons, media usage, interaction motion guide etc) 
  • APP Component Library (Components)
  • WEB Component Library [with Jessica Zoller]
  • Email Component Library [with Alec Drewitt]
  • Colour Themes & tokenisation
Member Acquisition
  • WEB Application form
  • APP Onboarding
  • Profiles
  • Account area
  • Soho Friends
Other projects
  • House Studios (Dynamic Photo Booth)
  • Soho Skin Emails with [Alec Drewitt]
Starling Bank

Built from the ground up Starling is an award-winning 100% mobile bank based in the City of London. With similarities to other neo / challenger banks such as Revolut and [ahem] ΜỖηžᵒ, Starling is at the forefront of money management in the United Kingdom.

Over thirteen months (Aug 2017—2018), to be more versatile, I acted as a bridge between Marketing & Product teams 70/30. This was my first foray into real product design (coming from agency side) and how to successfully scale up a small business. Not only did our design team help improve customer numbers fivefold but I educated the whole workforce on the value of critical design thinking, achieving one of DesignWeek's 10 biggest Product & App launches of 2018 🚀 and Britain's Best Bank 2018 & '19 🏆🏆.

The goal, to excite and instill confidence and trust, in acquiring customers whichever the touchpoint.

  • Establishing Design systems
  • Brand Toolkit & Guidelines
  • Portrait Card design [with Mark Day & Steven Blyth]
  • UI / UX Product Design
    • Full website refresh
    • Unifying APP & WEB interactions
    • Personal, Joint & Business Accounts theming
  • Naming & vanity URL creation; 'Settle Up', 'starli.ng'
  • Campaign Creative & Graphic Design
  • Brand Activation
  • OOH Creative 
  • Branded Merch

We live in an increasingly visual society where Design is diluted by creative cowboys, templates, and tools. I am motivated by this, wanting to deliver honest value for my craft, upskilling others, my passion for great typography and my constant curiosity, noticing things beyond the norm.

Downtime: you won't find me on WhatsApp. I find inspiration through exploring the outdoors, people-watching, and the occasional art gallery or film. I have a penchant for finding new places to dine out with friends and care deeply about ethical design.


Case Studies expected week 14/52

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